Brew #103 – Check Pills

Brew #103 – Check Pills

08/03/2018 – Yeast starter

1.5 L starter

Pitched WLP802 – White labs – Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast

Fermented on a stir plate in the fermentation chamber at 50 degrees F.

08/04/2018 – Brew day

10 gallon batch

15 lbs – Weyermann German Pilsner Malt
3 lbs – Avangard German Pilsen Malt
8 oz – Crystal 10L Malt

Mashed at 153 degrees F

2 oz – Nugget hop pellets (60 min)
2 oz – Saaz hop pellets (15 min)
2 capsules – Yeast fuel (15 min)
2 tablets – Whirlfloc (15 min)

Chilled to 50 degrees F by recirculating ice water

Aerated with O2

7.8 degrees Brix (Ouch! – Topped up with too much water)

Split 1 liter starter of WLP802 between two 5-gallon fermeters

Fermented at 50 degrees F


One controller stuck on and nearly froze the beer just as fermentation was beginning. After a few days of manually switching the cooling on and off to keep the temp in the ball park of 50 degrees, the replacement showed up. At this point the other batch was fermenting well. Hopefully not terribly detrimental.

08/20/2018 – Gradually raise temperature for Diacetyl Rest

Set chambers to 55 degrees F

08/24/2018 – Fermenters last setpoint change

Set chambers to 60 degrees F

09/02/2018 – Racked to kegs

Threw in the fridge. Gravity measurement to come later.

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