Norman Creek Sangiovese 2018 / Watson

Norman Creek Sangiovese 2018 / Watson

Doug Norman of Norman Creek Vineyards contributed 140# of crushed grapes to each of the two TwiddleNutz proprietors, Michael Watson and Joe Hershberger.  We each got 70# of must mechanically destemmed and crushed, and 70# manually stomped in a big vat by the harvest team (which was a LOT of fun).  All the grapes came from the same grape harvest, so they should be pretty similar except for handling.  They do come from multiple rows of vines, so possibly some difference, but not a lot.

Here’s the data for the batch of grapes being fermented by Watson:

Sangiovese Stomp

Sugar content: 25 degrees Brix
pH: 4.1
TA: ~6 g/L


Sugar content: 24 degrees Brix
pH: 4.1
TA: ~6 g/L

I added 25g of acid blend (tartaric and malic) to each batch, lowering the pH to 3.8 for each, and raising TA to 7-ish.

Fermenting with RC212 yeast.  Added yeast nutrient, about a half teaspoon to each 70# batch.  Will add more when Brix gets down to about 13.

Fermentation started vigorously within 7 hours.

Fermenting in buckets in my kitchen at about 72 degrees room temp.

Aug 16, 2018

Brix was down to 13-ish on both batches, so added second half-teaspoon of yeast nutrient to each.


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